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Curated as a special wedding celebration, over 50 creatives from around the globe have been invited to create original work on the theme of love and building a colorful life together.

Join Together runs August 9- September 1 at Land, 3925 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, Or.

Another page of random doodling. Moving somewhere or slowly coming to a halt?

I was given the opportunity to take an Adventure Time storyboard test.
I was totally grateful for the chance to do it and had loads of fun. Check it out!

PMurphy AT Boardtest

Some heads from a while back...

"Sad Saps" desktop background pattern:

Memory Palace with Golem. D.I.Y. Magic

I have some work coming out next year in a couple anthologies from Seven Stories Press.

Still an experiment but as I was trying to figure out what I'm doing, I thought a good description of this would be "the insides of Disney characters". That's the best I can come up with right now.

A pen drawing in progress...

Onward and upward? Moving on...

Some characters that have been bouncing around here lately...

Just for fun...

Illustration project created/organized by my ultra-talented-super-friend Meg Hunt.
Have a look!